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LSD Infused Water Kefir

Water Kefir is a probiotic drink made from kefir grains (tibicos). The process is kinda similar to producing Kombucha where the bacteria in the grains feed on sugar to activate a fermentation process. 

We've used a recipe by Lauren Briana. The Gyokuro green tea base for this water kefir makes for a champagne like flavor profile. 

Ingredients: Gyokuro water kefir, 50mcg 1p-LSD 1 (1-Propionyl-dlysergic acid diethylamide)

On bottle can serve 3-5 people

October 2023
Edition of 11

👉 Comes with user manual (online updated)
👉 Provides access to Leeway Community

🧩 This is a psychedelic product
1p-LSD is a psychedelic substance of the Lysergamide class. 
Due to a slight difference in its molecular structure it doesn’t count as actual LSD, bypassing Dutch narcotics regulations.

21+ only
Always follow instructions that come with product
Do not mix with alcohol, cannabis, or other conscious altering substance


We'll only ship this drink within the Netherlands due to its 
need to be stored in a fridge.

When stored outside a fridge for too long the drink will continue to ferment and build up gas which eventually can make the bottle explode. 

We're not responsible for any damages due to storage outside of a fridge.