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Leeway offers tools to operate on a slightly elevated playing field. 

Our decentralized research and development team has a deep understanding and background in novel food production, mind-altering substances, and performance-driven nutrition. 

Tools have always helped to push forward human development and evolution.

Through our products, we strive to align advanced ingredients with the current zeitgeist.

Productivity and optimization are not badges of honor but symptoms of a crippled system. 

Slowing down is an important value for us. 

We do not aim for financial growth — we work towards social cohesion. 

When purchasing our products we provide access to a private community where we share our experiences and knowledge, organize offline gatherings, and practice mushroom cultivation.  

Since 2022 we’ve actively investigated how to incorporate Leeway Tools as a legal entity under Dutch Law.

It is our goal to establish Leeway Tools as a COOP in 2023. We invite anyone who’s interested in actively participating in the COOP to say hi by filling in this form

In the meantime, you can find us on Are.na and Instagram

To stay in the know of new product updates we recommend signing up for our mailing as Instagram does not always allow us to share our products in detail.

Online is where we meet.
Offline is where we explore.