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Ceremonial Cacao & Lions Mane & L-Theanine v3


Straight from the source means this cacao retains its fat content. (Fat content = medicinal properties).

The addition of Lion’s Mane takes this up a notch. As a medicinal mushroom, Lions Mane serves some serious support to our grey matter. 

For v3 we've added L-Theanine an amino acid found in green tea which has been proven to reduce stress and create a calm state of mind without any side effects. 

Be sure to check out our Knowledge Base where we share the science around Lions Mane and L-Theanine

200gr Cacao mass (100%)
11g Lions Mane extract (fruiting body)
3g L-Theanine 
10-15 portions

Our cacao is purchased in a direct trade construction. We've visited these farms personally and are in direct contact. Farmers get paid much better prices compared to the Fair Trade construction.  

Alta Verapaz, Guatemala
August 2023

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