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LSD-Infused Kombucha

We've teamed up with Lauren Briana who brews kombucha. We've then infused a batch with 1p-LSD. 

Ingredients: sakura base kombucha, blood orange juice, red chilli flakes, 50mcg 1p-LSD 1 (1-Propionyl-dlysergic acid diethylamide)

On bottle can serve 3-5 people

October 2022
Edition of 25 

👉 Comes with user manual (online updated)
👉 Provides access to Leeway Community
📦 Purchase > receive pick up details via email.  📦 Pick ups in Amsterdam till November 20 2022 📦
🧩 This is a psychedelic product
1p-LSD is a psychedelic substance of the Lysergamide class. 
Due to a slight difference in its molecular structure it doesn’t count as actual LSD, bypassing Dutch narcotics regulations.

21+ only
Always follow instructions that come with product
Do not mix with alcohol, cannabis, or other conscious altering substances

This product will NOT be shipped via postal services!